Virtualizer Elite 2



The Cyberith Virtualizer is a locomotion platform for virtual reality. Also known under the name “Omnidirectional Treadmill”, the VR simulator enables full movement in virtual environments. The motion tracking system of the device operates fully optically allowing for high accuracy and low latency.

The Virtualizer ELITE 2 is the worlds first VR Treadmill with an implemented motion platform for an easy walk in virtual environments. The Simulator actively supports the gait of all users, independently of their physical characteristics. The required physical effort for walking in VR is strongly reduced and can be adjusted individually via a single button.


For the extended hardware and firmware requirements of the Virtualizer 2’s motion platform it was necessary to fully overhaul the aging firmware and design new electronic hardware components.

In this process I was responsible to design electric installation, electronic components, firmware, API, game engine plugins and utility software (Control Panel and Firmware Updater).

Used Software and Technology