ZIBIS Box image


The new ZIBIS vehicle connector combines the previously separate areas of mobile sales solutions with the on-board computer functionality of permanently installed systems.

In the case of mobile solutions in vehicles, it has not been possible to control the exterior and interior displays, validators, TFT monitors, passenger counting systems, etc. in recent years. For this reason ZIBIS was developed.

With ZIBIS it is now possible to control the entire vehicle periphery via Bluetooth or WLAN using mobile solutions such as tablets and / or smartphones with the appropriate software.

The ZIBIS-Box can also be used as an autonomous TTS (Text to Speech) system.


Because of my year-long experience with C# I was honored to lead the development in Zelisko’s newest product: the ZIBIS Box. As all previous products were using C++ I was tasked to develop a complete base framework using .Net Standard and develop a build chain, for the then new .Net Core 2.1 framework.

This base framework would then be used to pose a good example for future developments and was complemented by full unit and integration test coverage. After six weeks of work I finished the framework and two sample applications - a TTS system and a automated updater via USB - as my internship ended.

Used Software and Technology